Saturday, November 8, 2014

Model Tractors

I started collecting Ertl Model 1/16 size tractors about 30 years ago. My brother Don, an Auctioneer, had a great collection and I got "hooked". I haven't added to my collection since buying 2 or 3 at an auction where Don sold his. I am now at the point of being ready to sell mine.  My first step is to take a picture of the 60-70 that we have. The attached picture of the '37 John Deere G is an example. The detail of these models is very good and they are most appealing to those of us who have memories of having driven them at some time. My favorite is a 1944 Model A John Deere which we had when I was a kid. I have a model of that tractor and may just keep it for "old times sake". We also owned a 1956 Model 720 Diesel tractor and will keep the model of it. Most are still in their original boxes and we have the boxes for the balance of them. It will be like playing with them to get them all "dusted", pictured, boxed up and ready to sell.  I may even try Craig's list and Seward Swap. The postage is always a factor on eBay.

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