Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We began our Thanksgiving celebration by going to an impressive Ecumenical Service at the Methodist Church last evening. This morning's Lincoln and Omaha newspapers included some 7 pounds of advertisements which are in the recycling bin. We enjoyed part of the Macy Holiday Parade from NY City. The floats get more fantastic every year. Then we took Home Delivered Meals to several people who are living alone and are younger than me. (That alone makes one very Thankful). Then we went to Owenses where we joined Carolyn and Ben in having Dinner with John, Julie, Sadie and Jack. Ben has a long standing record of furnishing and carving the Turkey.
Jack slept through our Dinner but awakened soon after and was ready for Great Grandmother to hold the bottle for him. Julie says he's getting to be a good "nurser" but also enjoys the breast milk from a bottle. And, as the picture shows, Elaine enjoys holding it for him. Tomorrow will be his 1-Month birthday. He has helped us to realize what a "big girl" Sadie has become. She not only says many words but uses them to express her "wants" and "opinion". (Do you suppose she has that Vrana gene). We enjoyed contact with several others in the family during the afternoon and have enjoyed the Celtic Thunder Christmas program this evening. Brother Don and I exchanged comments on Dad repairing Don's coaster wagon that took place on Thanksgiving Day in 1940. We are all very Thankful for our Many Blessings.

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