Sunday, November 23, 2014

Franklin Printing Set on eBay

This is a printer set that includes little rubber letters and a stamp holder that enables one to select the name or message to be "loaded" on the rubber stamp. It can then be inked on the stamp pad and used to print the message repeatedly. Rubber stamps were very useful items in Banks and other businesses. I recall seeing "tree holders" that held a variety of messages that were used to stamp such things as "Paid", the date, High priority, etc. I had a set similar to this when I was a youngster and enjoyed using it to "Print" my name on homework and other places. I'm not sure where this one came from but like a lot of our "stuff", it probably came in a big box that we bought at an Auction. I put it on eBay this afternoon along with a few other items. Hopefully, it may make someone an interesting Christmas present and reduce our inventory. I also listed some "Smokey Bear" items that usually sell good. EBay and Pay Pal have the system organized to where it is comparatively simple to sell or buy. It's not like you are dealing in real money but just numbers, until you have to pay the Post Office for the postage. 

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