Sunday, November 30, 2014

Seward"s Christmas Parade

Elaine and I had "front row" seats for the Seward Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade last evening. The staging area for the parade is the streets to the north of our house but they are in full "Parade form" as they pass our house on 1st Street and turn to go through the downtown business district and beyond, on Seward Street. Seward began having the Christmas Parade just a few years ago when several floats were available from the City of Lincoln that discontinued their parade. Charles Lieske, Executive Director of the 
Chamber has provided leadership for the parade since its coming to Seward. Gary Rolf has spent many hours, along with others, in doing repairs, obtaining storage and helping make the parade possible. The Parade last night was the most enjoyable of all. The weather was perfect with a beautiful red sunset following afternoon record breaking temperatures that hit 80 degrees. Elaine and I sat on lawn chairs on our driveway and enjoyed every entry. Where else could you go to a Parade and have Santa Clause call out our first names and wish us a Merry Christmas. Thanks to everyone who made this half-hour parade so enjoyable.

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  1. I would have loved to have seen Sadie's face when Santa called out your names to wish you a Merry Christmas! That would have been priceless! Sounds like your weather is changing - cold weather coming in tonight. We had some rain and expect at least an inch on Tuesday. All is very welcomed.