Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An Old Man's Old Car

This is our '92 Buick La Sabre which we bought new from Rolfsmeier's here in Seward on March 27, 1992 for $18,342. It has served us well over these past 22 years and continues to do so. It is still in excellent condition (for its age and 155,610 miles) but beginning to require expensive maintenance. While I have always maintained a record of all expenses, including gas, the cost/mile is increasing. In 2012 we spent $212,83 on it, in addition to gas. In 2013 it was $414.48. We have already spent $290.96 this year and today, we had to make a decision of some $440.00 on a new set of tires. These are not easy decisions. While we don't drive it many miles, it is my transportation 6 days a week so that Elaine always has our '02 available. There is some similarity between such decisions on an old car with what I also went through today at the Dental Office. Maintenance is important and necessary. We ordered the new tires and had our teeth fixed. Part of the justification on the car is that taxes are minimal as is the liability insurance. Depreciation has long since been capitalized and who knows, maybe in a few years it will be in demand as a "classic". And, I didn't even mention all the happy memories it holds plus, I like it. Now if I can rationalize my personal maintenance, other than my Federal Annuity being for life. 

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  1. It sounds like the car has served you very well. I have never owned a buick myself but I have heard wonderful things about them from friends. I have a few friends who said that they would never go on a road trip that was longer than an hour if they were not in a buick. Nothing competes in comfort.

    Freddy @ Jacky Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram