Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mother's Greeting to Uncle Fred Turner

This is a Greeting Card that my Mother sent to her Uncle Fred when she was a young girl. It isn't dated but I suspect it was sent something over 100 years ago. We came into possession of it some years ago through Aunt Dorothy who had inherited an album that Fred kept for years. Neither Fred nor Dorothy had family of their own. Mother had her excellent handwriting even at this age and wrote: "Hello, Uncle Fred: I received your pretty card and was glad to find out where you were. We are all pretty well this winter. We are going to school every day. Uncle George is working for us now hauling hay. I got a letter from Aunt Mary Saturday. I would like to see you, answer soon. Florence"
We have another card that Mother sent to Fred so plan to send this one to my sister Janice for her to have as some family history. The bottom of the card isn't shown in this picture but is all intact. I "uninstalled " a program on my computer this afternoon and it fouled up some of my other programs. It took some readjusting to even be able to get this scanned to my computer. The lesson learned is that if something works, don't "fix" it.

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  1. Beautiful card - thanks for sending it on to me to cherish!