Thursday, November 13, 2014

Old Magazines and Today's Social Media

I bought several old Nebraska Farmer Magazines at an Auction here in Seward a few years ago and felt they may sell on eBay. The are from the '40's and '50's which is during an era when I was aware of many of the events, places and people referred to in the stories. This particular issue tells of Presidential Candidate Wendell Wilkie having a meal at the Herman Ebers farm here in Seward County. The guests included several neighbors and State Senator Stan Matzke. I knew most of them from my early days with the USDA Soil Conservation Service. This afternoon I did some checking on items that I've set aside as potential eBay items and checked to see if such items were currently listed. This is a good way of seeing the price range of such items but also the cost of mailing. I found many items similar to mine already listed with a wide variety of prices but most of them were in the "Buy it Now" category. I have always used the "Auction" category to get the benefit of the bidding but it looked like the interest on many of these items from the mid-20th century have lost much of the appeal they had a few years ago. Might it be that buyers were those people who lived during the time these items represent but have since passed on. It prompts the bigger question of "what constitutes value to individuals?" Might it be that social media and Google in particular helps us to find any information we may desire without having to buy an old Nebraska Farmer to read about Herman Ebers entertaining Wendell Wilkie

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