Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grandfather Walker

This picture of the Seward County (NE) Courthouse and Civil War statue is from a postcard which I've sold on eBay. It was  taken some years ago judging by the size of the tree and a few other "landmarks". The flagpole was taken off the top of the dome because of damage to the structure and the landscape plantings have been replaced. For some years our Soil Conservation Office was in the area with the two lower windows to the left of the statue. My desk was in front of the furthest left one. Among my memories are of watching my Grandfather Walker walk along the sidewalk toward his home a couple blocks away. He would spend every afternoon with his card playing friends in a neighborhood tavern and walk past with his cane about 4:30pm. On one occasion, my boss asked if I noticed that old man who walked by on a regular schedule. He was  surprised when I told him that it was my Grandfather. While we would visit the Grandparents occasionally and had many demands on our time with job, family, etc.; the thought never occurred to me that I could have slipped out and told Grandpa how I enjoyed seeing him walk by and of the many happy memories he brought to mind of staying with them when I was a youngster. He died within the next year without my ever having expressed my feelings--I hope he understood. 

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