Saturday, November 29, 2014

Richard M. Pitsch, M.D.

We attended a service "Celebrating the Life of Richard M. Pitsch, M.D." this morning at the Zabka funeral home here in Seward. Dr. Pitsch was our family Doctor back in the '50's when our children were youngsters. He continued to be our Doctor during the 4 years we lived in Lincoln after moving there from Seward in 1958. Elaine could even tell a story about her coming out from Lincoln to have him perform an appendectomy on her during those years. One off my stories involves all 4 of our youngsters who were along with Elaine and I at the Clinic for Polio shots in the mid-50's. After getting the shots, Elaine asked Dr. Pitch if he might be able to remove a wart on her finger. He got out his electrolysis instrument and went to work on Elaine while the 4 Kids and I watched with anticipation. As it began to smoke a bit, the Kids started to tear up and could tell that it was hurting "Mommy". To help them accept what was happening, I told them that the Doctor had deadened the feeling in her finger and it really didn't hurt. When he was finished with Elaine, he asked if I had any warts. I admitted that "Yes, I had one on my left hand ring finger since being a little boy. Well, he invited me to have it removed so I changed chairs with Elaine. With the first "blast" of electricity, I let out a Geeeezzzzze!!!!! that could have been heard across the street. Who says Doctors don't have a sense of humor. He got a good laugh out of that. He also helped us through some very serious times, and we will be forever grateful for all of his services. After returning to Seward from Virginia, he was again our Doctor for a number of years, we attended the Presbyterian Church together and after retirement, drank morning coffee in the same group for a number of years. He was not only a good Doctor but also a dear friend. 

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