Monday, December 1, 2014

Criteria for Success

It appears that the "powers that be" feel that Nebraska should contend for a Western Big 10 division title every year, that we should play in the Championship game of the Big 10 frequently, be in the top 10 teams nationally and be in a BSC Bowl game most years and win National Championships every few years. I have used some general terms in describing this Criteria for Success that we have heard alluded to by AD Eichorst. Maybe it should be defined more specifically and then a salary range tied to various performance levels. And, maybe wins of games are only part of the criteria. Should we also have some "Standards of Behavior". I was given a Certificate one time that provided me "10 ATTABOY'S" for jobs well done with the admonition that "1 AW SHIT" cancelled out 10 attaboys.

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