Saturday, December 20, 2014

The RR Water Tower, Gone but not Forgotten

I have shown this old Railroad Water Tower on previous blog pages since it has been one of my favorite landmarks of Seward. The RR hasn’t used it since the days of steam engines but it  remained....until a few weeks ago when it was demolished. Some 25-30 years ago when it was no longer of use to the RR, they leased it to a party that stored fertilizer in it. That only lasted for a few years, but it had been contaminated.
It was repainted after the fertilizer use ended to make it, what some people thought, more attractive. I and a few others thought it should be repainted the RR red, a U.S. flag painted on it and say, "Welcome to Seward” but it was not to be. Now it is gone and will only remain in pictures and memories. It was pulled down with cables, cut up and hauled away. I have no idea where it may have gone nor the extent of contamination. The little concrete building near the tower is also gone. The site has been cleared and appears to be just a part of the adjacent Ready Mix Concrete plant. We have seen considerable construction in Seward during 2014 but also a lot of demolition.

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