Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Battery for our "new" Buick

We had this type battery installed in our "new" Buick La Sabre this morning. You will note by the price listed that it was not cheap.  Our rational for having spent as much as we have on maintenance of our two old Buicks is that we haven't had to take the amount of depreciation that occurs when you buy new vehicles frequently. We bought our "new" La Sabre on November 3, 2001 from Rolfsmeier's here in Seward. We kept our '92 Buick La Sable that we had also bought new from Rolfsmeier's. We started calling the '02 our "New" car as soon as we brought it home and continue to make that distinction since they are both the same color.  The interesting thing about the new battery is that it replaces the original that came in the car 13 years ago. It is "vented" battery as was the original, that is located under the back seat and is "exhausted" outside. I mentioned to the Service Manager this morning that I had never seen the battery under the back seat and he showed me how to hook-up jumper cables under the hood if necessary. The price of the battery being at least twice of what we have ever spent for one before reminded me of hearing about the price that cattle are bringing these days. First calf heifers with  3 month calves at their side were bringing $3,600.00 recently. Unfortunately, we don't have any. 

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