Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mercedes-Benz e320

I developed an interest in Mercedes-Benz autos several years ago when one of the fellows in our car pool had one. I was surprised when we were in Germany and rode in them as taxis. Over the years, I have had occasion to run a few used ones through my "cost/benefit" analysis and could never justify a purchase. Yesterday at our Kiwanis luncheon, I sat at a table with a fellow who has one for sale; he is getting a newer one. This is a picture of his 2003 e320 6-cylinder sedan with 116,000 miles. He has had it since it had less than 50,000 miles, put new tires on it and other maintenance items and is asking$7,900.00. He and his family live here in Seward and I have known him for 25 years. If there was anything wrong with  it, he would tell me. There is only one problem. My desire to own a vehicle just because it is a Mercedes-Benz has diminished considerably. One this age would not replace our "new" Buick but would my old  '91 Buick. With it setting next to this Mercedes today, I decided that I really like my old car better than this one. The older we get, the more reluctant we are to change and seldom are the new things as satisfying to us as the ones they replaced. 

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  1. IF it is on your bucket list - DO IT! You and Elaine would look mighty classy driving around in it - I think you should borrow it for a week and try it out - then decide! I know I've never been sorry I turned down the Mercury Marquis for the Lincoln when I made that change!