Thursday, December 4, 2014

Magazine Club Christmas Party

Our Magazine Club held our Christmas Party this evening at "Nate's on the Nine" more commonly known as the Seward Country Club. Though several people were out of town and unable to attend, we had a very good dinner and an enjoyable evening. Club President Ken Meyer did a great job in coordinating the work of his wife Mary; Jolene & Gordon in the decorations and Jack & Glennie for providing the entertainment. The Seward Magazine Club is known as the oldest "Social Club" in the City and dates back to the days when members limited their Magazine
 subscriptions to only a couple. They would then get together and share what they learned from their Magazine with the other members. We still follow many of the "Operating Procedures" that were laid out in our Charter. Today most of us take many of the same Magazines but seldom do we have a conflict on reported articles. Our members come from varied professional backgrounds and usually report on something for which we have a particular interest. We sit in a large circle for our regular meeting with the Ladies on one side and Men on the other. After our "Reports" we have a light lunch served by two of the couples. There again, the Ladies set at one table and the Men at another. Jack and Glennie's program this evening capitalized on both of their long history of Music and Christian Education. They read some "ancient" dialogue of Christmas poems prior to there being set to music years later. 
We each brought home one of the Candles which Jolene had used as part of the table decorations. We will use them in the windows of our living room to brighten the spirit of others. 

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