Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Celebration at SHS

We attended the Seward Memorial Health Care Systems "Holiday Celebration" this afternoon at the Seward High School Auditorium. This is an annual event coordinated by Carol Carlson who does an excellent job. The entertainment included the expanded SHS Show Choir and musician Dave Marsh. The Show Choir always presents an entertaining program and it is apparent that no one enjoys it more than the participants. Leslie Stratton has built the Choir into a Unit in which musically inclined students aspire to participate as strongly as athletes do to make the first team in sports. 
Musician Dave Marsh, who plays with a Irish Band in Lincoln's Haymarket District also demonstrated his versatility and ability. He played Christmas music and sang as well as explaining his various instruments. They included: Bag Pipe, Accordion, Auto Harp, Hammer Dulcimer, Drum, Guitar  with Mouth Harp, and Banjo.  His story and performance with the Drum was probably the most outstanding. However, we enjoyed his playing Christmas Carols on the Hammer Dulcimer most of all. It was a great Celebration. Thank You Carol and SMHCS. 

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