Monday, December 29, 2014

’55 Buick Roadmaster

I pulled some pages of advertisements out of old Magazines before recycling them last winter and came across them today.  I  have put some of them in picture frames and will put them on our spring Garage Sale. And, might even put some on eBay. This one came from the March 1955 Capper’s Farmer Magazine. It features the 1955 Buick Roadmaster which has a 236-hp V8 engine, Variable Pitch Dynaflow Transmission, and all coil spring ride with Safety Power Steering. The “catch line” This you take in Glory Pride, was a recognition that people were often judged by the car they drove and the “self confidence” of many was determined by that standard. The Roadmaster or “four holer” as they were called by those of us who were envious of them, was the top of the line that a “working man” might aspire too. Our first Buick was a new 1975 Apollo, 4-door compact sedan with small V8 engine and bucket front seats. They only made the Apollo during the 73-75 Model years. It was a nice little car and did have 3 vents on either side of the hood to mock the old 4-holers but never got the gas mileage that we anticipated. We also bought  new’92 and ’02 LaSabre Sedans so have been Buick owners for a number of years but they haven’t affected my self confidence or enhanced my image. 

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