Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Brother Don”s Birthday

Would you believe that this little fellow is celebrating a big birthday today. I could tell you the number but it is very misleading because he doesn't look, act, or feel his age. I was old enough at the time he was born, to be able to tell the Grandparents  that, "we have a real baby at our house". Our Mother made this comment back in the mid-30's while talking about how strange it would be to talk about the year “2000”: "Donnie may see it but I doubt any of the rest of us will". Fortunately, some of the rest of us were able to see it.
We moved from Seward to the old Vrana family farm north of Garland when Don was just over 2 years old. Mother has told of him saying the first night we were there, that he wanted to take his Mommy, Daddy and Potty and go home. We never know the extent of Nature vs Nurture that impacts who we become. Don, like all of us in our family inherited a lot of good genes. He also had the benefit of having such a pleasing personality that he was a family, extended family, and neighborhood favorite. How many kids his age had the benefit of the nurture of growing up under the conditions shown in this picture. Growing up on a farm with a pony is an excellent way of learning “horse sense” which he learned well. Breaking a colt to ride is just another challenge. While I refer to his early life in shaping his personality, his wife Gladys has been the major factor in taking him at a young age, and helping make him into the outstanding person that he is today. Happy Birthday Brother Don. 

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