Friday, December 12, 2014

Elaine & Dale cutting Wheat

This is what "farm kids" did as teenagers when Elaine and her brother Dale were growing up back in the 40's. Their Dad, Albert typically rode the binder with Elaine driving the old Model D John Deere. Dale and their Mother, Flora did the shocking while brother Bill was off with the Army. Elaine says the dog was just on the JD fender for the picture and didn't ride along. This picture was taken only a couple years before Dale introduced me to his little sister. After all of the years that we've been married, I again realized how much I appreciate her. Not only because of who she is but also for the many things she does. Tonight she fixed a supper of boiled potatoes, creamed chicken gravy, and green beans. We had some of her homemade Chocolate Chip cookies and ice cream. Normally, that wouldn't be anything special but that was the first meal she prepared since breakfast yesterday morning. I'm not much of a cook but fortunately, she had a casserole in the Fridge that I lived on while she spent about 36 hours in bed getting over a touch of sinus infection. While she still isn't 100%, she was able to fix supper tonight which I really enjoyed and it's great to have her up and around.

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