Wednesday, December 3, 2014

China Tee shirt made in the USA

Elaine has a box of bed linens, blouses and other items ready to go to our local Et-Cetera store so it was my tern to sort through my stuff. I have been very optimistic over the years as to loosing enough weight to get into some of my smaller sizes. However, I have finally accepted the fact that I will never be able to wear a size 34/34 which I did for several years as a young man. In fact, the last pants I bought were 44's. I still kept the 42's which I do wear occasionally but the 40's are ready to go. I went through several old suits and sport coats but just not ready to let them go. I look at that Hart Shaffner & Marx label and remember how pleased I was to be able to buy them. A couple still have a Jack Graff label.
In addition to sorting out pants, there were many shirts that were also sorted out to go. Even after having this Tee shirt in the sack to go, I pulled it out and decided to put it on eBay. It is an XL size, made in the USA and of a heavier cotton material than a "normal" cotton tee shirt. We went on a China Tour during the fall of 1992 and bought the shirt soon after getting back home. I wore it a couple times while showing pictures and presenting programs on our tour. It has been in storage since then. If it doesn't sell on eBay, it will join all the others at Et-Cetera. We are fortunate to have the store here in Seward operated by the Mennonite community with all profits going to support their mission programs. It is one of the most popular stores in town this time of year. 

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