Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Elaine had the opportunity to visit with Santa Claus and tell him about everything she would like to have him bring to our house. Since in “real life” he is an Under taker and not an “Over giver”, I doubt that she will get anything from him. But we do hope to do some shopping during the “after Christmas sales”. We have been talking about replacing our Queen Anne living room chairs that we moved back from Virginia. Getting a new mattress and box spring for our Queen size bed is also on the list. My HP PC computer is showing some real signs of aging. I hardly ever open it without the message coming up that, “Internet Explorer has stopped working. We will try to solve the problem and notify you”. It was in 2007 that we bought it at Best Buy with son Jon’s help who also set it up for us. My hope is that I can keep it “alive” until he gets back sometime to do it again. I like my Mac Book but need a PC to keep some “documents” and records that are not available on the Mac. We did do some of our last  minute shopping this morning in addition to taking things to the recycle center, getting a hair cut and a few other chores. We are looking forward to a Christmas Eve Service tomorrow evening and being with our family that's here in Seward on Christmas Day along with doing Home Delivered Meals.

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