Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tony and Norm.

This picture was taken during the summer of 1953 when Seward, NE was celebrating "Old Settler's Day" and we were encouraged to grow beards. Norm Neujahr and I worked together at that time doing the survey work for "laying-out" terraces, dams, irrigation facilities, etc. for farmers in the County. Norm had previously worked for the PMA (Production Marketing Administration) but when Dwight Eisenhower was President, it was "decreed" that PMA and SCS (Soil Conservation Service) should work more closely together. I had been with SCS for 4 years at the time that Norm came over to work with me. We had already been friends through our baseball competition, he with Staplehurst and me with Garland. He was a pitcher  and I was a center fielder. Norm stayed with us for only a couple years until becoming the Manager of a Bowling Alley where he had a good life. I went on to work on Watershed Dam construction out of Lincoln where I also took College classes. Then, on into Washington, D.C. in the USDA headquarters office. But it was my days of working at the County level with people like Norm that I look back on as some of my happiest days of federal service. 

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