Saturday, December 6, 2014

Daily Diary entries, Highlights & Major Events

Elaine and I spent much of the day getting ready for the Holidays. The Nativity scene that has "graced" our entryway table for many years is in place this evening. Elaine continues to work on the Christmas Village scene this is taking its traditional form on top of our dining room buffet. We spent considerable time working on our 2014 activity Highlights. The criteria for highlights might  be loosely described as "the date when something happened that we want to remember". Highlights are compiled by going through my daily diary and listing those items that meet the criteria. There are often as many as 15-20/month. Occasionally, 2 or  even 3 in a given day. Major Events are selected from among the Highlights of which there may be only 25-50 for an entire year. Our "searches" for details on past events often begins with identifying the season it occurred and if possible, the Major Event it might be "tied to". With some clues from the Major Events, the search can be refined to the Highlights. The date of the event of the highlight takes us to that page in the appropriate Diary for the details. I justify the time and effort this takes to stress relief.
Here is how a couple pages of my Diaries appear. My normal entries just  list what happened during the day and who was involved. Occasionally, I will express my opinion or feeling about something, but that is not my normal entry. I have started making a mark along the edge of the page when making an entry that may become a Highlight. I can then go through more quickly by only checking on those items and mark appropriate ones with a highlighter. Today, I read the date and Highlights to Elaine who sat at the computer and entered them into the record. They will be edited, printed and entered into the book. 

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