Saturday, October 25, 2014

Visit to Czech Republic in '93

In late September of 1993, my sister Vivian and her husband Adolph, my brother Don and his wife Gladys, my wife Elaine and I visited the Czech Republic. We are shown here at the home of Dr. Miroslav Dumbrovsky and his wife Michelle in Bruno. I had met Miroslav  a year earlier in a Natural Resources Conservation meeting at Budapest and he had been to this country and our home during the interim. He worked with the Czech National government on Resource Conservation. Adolph Soucek was very fluent in the Czech language which was a great help to us in our travels.  He had cousins with whom he and Vivian visited in Znojmo. Don's wife Gladys had relatives in Rouchovany so they traveled together to visit them. Elaine and I went with  
Miroslav to Bruno and stayed at the Hotel Slovan. Over the next few days he took us to the Limestone Caves (Moravskeim Krasu) near Blansko.  Also to Bratislava, saw the Gabcikova Dam on the Danube River and got back together with the rest of our group for dinner at the Dumbrovsky's . We rode the train down to Budapest and back to Prague. Uncle Nick, whom Don's and Soucek's had met on an earlier trip, took us on a night tour of Old Town Prague, Charles Bridge and the Castle. Uncle Nick arranged transportation for us to visit Kutna Hora, St. Barbara's Cathedral and on to Caslav where our Grandfather and Grandmother had lived prior to coming to the United States in the early 1870's. Damirov, Jenikov, Hostoulice and Horky are all in the immediate area and places whee the Grandparents and family had lived. We were gone 14 days and had a wonderful trip. We are most indebted to all of those that helped to make the trip outstanding, especially the Dumbrovsky's with whom we still exchange Christmas Greetings. 

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