Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Verlon & Sadie's Kite Flying

Verlon has had a long time interest in kites which goes back to his childhood at our East Bradford house here in Seward. It progressed from early kite building at Cape Cod to building Japanese type kites in Richmond, VA . He was involved with a Smithsonian Kite Fly,  had a show in the Virginia Science Museum, and in teaching classes on making and flying kites. He made many "bird kites" including one of a life-size Canada Goose for me that hung in the NE Natural Resources Commission office for a number of years. He made 36 of that model as well as a number of Pelicans, Great Blue Herons, and  Owls. He says, "Kite flying makes everyone young" including those in care centers.
When we came across a little kite in the basement that dates back to Julie's childhood, he recovered it and gave Sadie her first kite flying opportunity. The wind was pretty strong most of the day but  late afternoon provided the opportunity. Slight adjustments helped it to reach a very steep angle but after a while, wind currents swirling around the house, took it down and broke one of the old brittle plastic rods. It was enough to get her introduced to the pleasures of kite flying. She and Verlon then drew and erased kite drawings on her Fisher-Price drawing board. She will probably not remember much about what she learned today but will think she always knew it.

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