Monday, October 13, 2014

Old Seward School Complex

I was among the students who were the first to inhabit this "new Seward Elementary" school building when it opened after the Christmas Holiday and New Year's Day in January of 1932. We moved out to Dad's family's farm on the 8th of February so my time in the building was very limited. I remember one boy who sat next to the windows scratching the new floor under his desk because of his heavy boots. There is nothing but sky on the other side of the openings shown. We could see a front end loader  occasionally making an appearance through the big opening. 
The shell of the above building is shown from its back side in the middle of the picture to the left. The low white wall remaining is the inside of the most recent addition to the whole complex. I'm not sure but don't believe it was over 15-20 years old. The building to the left will be coming down also. It is the oldest of all and is where I had the first semester of my 1st grade while the above Elementary building was being completed. I like to see old buildings maintained if they can be utilized but would rather see them demolished and the space utilized than to see them "rot" down. 

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