Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The 17th Vrana Drywall Hole

I finished "processing our Wisconsin trip pictures today. While I'm pleased with all of them, the quality of many just isn't as good as it should be. When I got my new Panasonic Lumix camera a couple years ago, I just switched the Sun Disk 2GB card from the old camera to the new. I have also done some experimenting with settings and don't use the flash. Any back lighting seems to cause a slight "blurr" as is apparent in this picture. I would appreciate any ideas for improvement. Elaine had lengthy dental appointment this morning where a crown had to be removed, a filling put in and a temporary crown installed. She will go back in a couple weeks for the permanent crown. Our temperature hit 80 late this afternoon followed by a brief shower. The rain shouldn't slow down the Soybean and Corn harvest which is in full swing. It has been a beautiful fall and our trip to Wisconsin provided a crowning touch.
This lower picture was taken on October 9, 2001. We had driven up with Vivian and Eddy Soucek, Don and Gladys drove up and Janice and Larry were working on Mark and Dena's log house. Don, Larry, Jerry and I played golf. My Journal entry for the day includes, "We spent about an hour in the Club House where one of Jerry's friends said Jerry and I looked like brothers but thought Don might have had the same Mother but questioned his having the same Father as us."  I also noted that, "Jerry seems to have a lot of friends. In a scramble this summer, he and the bar tender were 18 under in 18 holes".  We drove the 525 miles home on the 10th and I went to a Bank Board meeting at 4:30 that afternoon followed by a Seward Foundation Meeting at 7:00. Now we have been home for 2 days and I'm still "resting up". Thirteen years make a difference as we grow older. 

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