Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Welcome to Lincoln Municipal Airport

We met our son Verlon at the Lincoln Airport this afternoon and while waiting, admired this Arrow Sport that hangs in the terminal. This particular plane was built in 1929 by the Arrow Aircraft Co. in Havelock (a suburb of Lincoln). It was in the facility now occupied by the Goodyear Tire Co. When we lived in Lincoln in the late '50's, Verlon and I were given a plane ride at Arrow Airport near Havelock. This plane was purchased in 1969 by Dr. Crum of Burwell, NE who restored the plane and sold it to the Nebraska State Historical Society in 1977. I believe it was placed in it's current location at the time the terminal was build several years ago. Here is a picture of the plaque telling the story that is posted on the wall at the balcony level.

This is an example of the many things that we walk past every day and don't take or have time to learn about them. We just waited a few minutes when his flight came in a few minutes ahead of time. He had flown in from Richmond, VA through Chicago and had a good flight. We were home in time for a tour around the back yard looking at some "home maintenance items" that will be tackled while he is here.  We also had a chance to visit the Kiwanis Flag Pole project where we talked with some of the fellows. It is coming along nicely with some of the Flags up already. We might have even contributed to the solution of a problem they were confronted with on how to attach donor names to State poles. It's amazing the ideas that get tossed out when several people feel free to suggest ways of solving problems. Our politicians need to remember that in seeking alternative actions. 

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