Thursday, October 23, 2014

But Only God can make a Tree

Demolition continues on the old Seward School buildings. I have watched this one with particular interest since I was among the first group of students that moved into the building when it was completed. I was in the 1st grade  when it was ready for students in January of 1932. I was only able to enjoy the new facility for a few weeks before moving to the Vrana Family Farm north of Garland in February of '32. There are only a couple of classmates names that I recall and plan to write to the editor of our local paper to see if there are others still around that were among that first group of us to move in.
It is well that we have some colorful trees around town to offset the depressing sight of the old buildings being demolished. I was a couple days late in getting this picture since many leaves have already fallen but it is still one of the most beautiful in the area. We are planning to go to the League of Women Voter's Candidate Night at the Civic Center this evening. It is anticipated that a good group of candidates will be present to express their positions. I have always felt that it was my responsibility to learn as much about the candidates as possible before elections.  I have recently switched who I intend to vote for based on his position of an issue very important to me.

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