Thursday, October 30, 2014

Great Uncle Fred Turner

With the Baseball season over, and our need to get rid of some of our "stuff, I pulled out  some old picture post cards to consider putting on eBay. This is one that came to us in an album of Fred Turner's. Fred never married and was a brother of my Mother's Mother, making him my Great Uncle. He died in 1968 in Lincoln, NE and we knew him very well. My Aunt Dorothy Walker, who never married, lived with him during the last 10-15 years of his life. They even baby sat our kids a couple times when we lived in Lincoln. He worked in Sioux City, IA as a young man where his  older brother Henry had moved to from Seward, NE and worked for over 30 years with the City Water Department. Both Henry and Fred were in the Army during WW I. Fred evidently came back to Ulysses, NE  for a short time before the War since this card is addressed to him at that RFD 2 location. It is from a lady by the name of "Ida" and mailed from Sioux City on July 16, 1914. She wrote: "Dear Friend- You will have to forgive me for not writing sooner but you've heard from the folks all about how I write. Take care of yourself and come back when you can." It was mailed with a 1 cent stamp. As I knew Uncle Fred, he was always very much a gentleman. One can only imagine what "Ida was telling Fred" with this humorous message. 

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