Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Future and the Past

Sadie, Julie, John & Carolyn stopped by this evening. We have had some of Julies "play things" in storage for many years. As an only child, she took excellent care of all her toys. It made her a bit nervous when Grandma Elaine  & Sadie brought up her doll house and all its furnishing to play with. It didn't take long for Julie to pick up and put some of the fragile things in a safe spot. The only casualty was a leg knocked off a little table but it can be repaired with a drop of glue. She also called me on our cell phone, played with dough, and turned somersaults among other things. She is never quiet for very long but a real joy to all of us.
This afternoon Elaine and I went to the Library where Charlotte Endorf presented a program on the North Platte Canteen. She is an author & speaker from Hadar , NE, and has written a book on the Canteen's activity during WWII providing a few minutes of food, drink and friendship to troops as they stopped at the very busy RR station. They welcomed up  to 10-12 troop trains every day for some 53 months with everything being donated by area residents. We had heard another speaker some years ago who had been a volunteer during the Canteen's hay day while this lady spoke from interviewing those who had been involved. It will remain an outstanding example of many people helping others in time of need. 

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