Friday, October 24, 2014

Hall of Fame Baseball Coin

I was able to obtain a recently released silver dollar commemorating  the 75th anniversary of Baseball's Hall of Fame and Museum at Cooperstown, NY. It is the first curved coin ever produced by the U.S. Mint and is legal tender containing 1 oz, of silver. The "heads" side depicts a classic leather glove (very similar to my old Joe DiMaggio model) and the "tail" side showing a baseball. Liberty, In God We Trust, and 2014 are printed on the glove; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E Pluribus Unuum, and ONE DOLLAR on the baseball. The coin came within a clear plastic protective covering and in a black velvet box. I will cherish it among my many baseball souvenirs. It also has some special meaning since son Tim and I visited the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown when we were on our 1993 baseball tour. We saw 8 major league games in addition to the Hall during the 10 day trip. We were able to spend a couple hours in the Hall the evening of May 22, 1993 before it closed at 9:00pm and much of the next morning. I commented in my Journal of only buying a few cards and a baseball, but Tim did quite a bit of shopping. We went out to see the Hall of Fame field.
Our '92 Buick La Sabre is shown parked right in front of the Hall. (And I still drive it locally) We enjoyed everything in the city as well as the Hall. They are great hosts for the tourist attraction they have. The motels and restaurants all seem to emphasise baseball. We left in time to get checked in to a Motel near Fenway Park in Boston and watched the Red Sox beat the Yankees 5-2 that evening. This was a great trip and a real boost to my seeing games in all 30 major league parks. It wasn't until a few years later that I achieved that goal and was able to keep up with the new parks until Miami built theirs in 2013. 

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