Saturday, October 4, 2014

Well Dressed Little Girl

Would you believe that this little girl now has a Granddaughter that is just about this size. With 2 older brothers and a younger one, she was (and still is) a real joy. Elaine enjoyed having a little girl to dress and was fortunate in having a nice array of choices. Elaine's cousin in Casper, WY, was a buyer for children's clothes, and her little girl was just about a year older than Carolyn.  Her "hand-me-downs" were like new and a box usually  came with the changing of the seasons. When Carolyn would "out grow" the dresses, etc. she passed them on to another mother with a little girl. It worked well without the benefit of "Seward Swap" or Et-Cetrea that Mothers enjoy today. 
This is another of the Wyoming dresses that she enjoyed. It is apparent that Carolyn developed a likeness for chickens at an early age. She has friends today that have them on their farms. We have a city ordinance that provides for up to 3 hens ( no roosters). I wouldn't be surprised if someday she has some. Charley Kemper built the archway for us soon after we moved into this house. We planted Paul's Scarlet climbing rose bushes on either side and it was soon covered with roses. We moved the  white "lath" fence down from our little house. We had built it just the year before we moved. Carolyn and Ben now live just  a couple blocks up the same street from where these pictures were taken. That is after our taking her to Lincoln, NE, Arlington, VA, and her going to college and working in North Carolina before coming back to Nebraska. 

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