Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Busy Day of Work & Pleasure

Sadie & Carolyn came by this morning to see Verlon. He and I got an early start at tree trimming in the back yard and welcomed a break when they arrived. It always takes Sadie a few minutes to remember people that she hasn't seen for a while. Julie came a bit later. I not only enjoyed their visit but the chance to rest. There is a lot to be said for Verlon getting back every fall to work on our major home maintenance. We make a project of it every year and the older we get, the more important his help becomes. We also look forward each year to our visits and getting some kolachies from the Farmer's Market like we enjoyed this evening. 
Part of our tree trimming included cutting off the lower branches of the Concolor Fir tree as shown here in the picture. It was among several seedlings  we planted about 30 years ago in a "nursery" setting at the farm. When we bought our "town house" a few years later, we brought this tree to town as a 2 1/2 footer. It was an anchor to the landscaping in the corner of the yard and our pride and joy as it grew into a beautiful specimen. People often wish that trees would grow faster but sometimes they grow too fast. I wish this one could have stayed like it was about 10 years ago. We had the City Tree crew here earlier this year to trim branches that were laying on utility wires. 

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