Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ARCSE Newsletter

The Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees Nov.-Dec. Newsletter appeared in my email today. It is a 39 page document with reports from most of the States. Here is the Washington  group. "DC area retirees met Oct. 2nd, 2014. Sitting, front: Barbara Osgood and Ron Marlow. Sitting, Back: John Peterson, Blanche Peterson, Lennie Losh, Faye Campbell, and Bill Boyer. Standing: Diana Morse, Peter Smith, Roger Cronshey, Plater Campbell, Marc Safley, Lee Shields, Margie Ralston, and David Ralston. Taking Picture: Ann Marlow" 
During my years with the Agency and the Soil and Water Conservation Society, I worked with most of the people included in the picture. Having spent several years in Human Resource management, I had the opportunity to know many of the employees throughout the Agency and the Society. The number of people  I knew and are referred to in the Newsletter, decline with each issue but I always look forward to seeing what Galen Bridge and his buddies have been up to.

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