Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Appreciat Family

Jack was at our house when I got home from coffee this morning. We did our usual "Pony Boy" and played some ball. He had found that he can bend over and look at the world from a different perspective. What he's wanting is for someone to tip him on over in a somersault. In my early days of working with SCS on Irrigation land leveling, an engineer showed us how to strike Jack's pose and see the "lay of the land" much more accurately. We also enjoyed Sadie's visit when she and Julie came to pick up Jack. She continues to impress us with her treatment of her "little brother".  He will learn to appreciate his big sister more and more as time goes by as I did. After having Jack with us this morning, we were able to pick up our oldest son up from the Lincoln Airport this afternoon. 
Verlon's visits get more and more important to us as we grow older. Over the years we have talked about his doing our "home maintenance" and as shown, it has even extended to lawn mowing. Our list of "jobs" expands ever year but we have a lot of good "social time" as the tasks are "checked off". When my folks were still out on the farm, Dad never missed the opportunity to get something done with the help available. One of his favorite chores was getting several of us involved in moving cattle from one pasture to another. We learned to enjoy working together as much a playing together.

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  1. So great that Verlon comes to visit and to help out! So nice to have family......especially one as GREAT as ours:-) Hope to see you soon Uncle Bud & Aunt Elaine! Those great grandkids are such a blessing too:-)