Friday, May 13, 2016

Our Changing Home Town

As Elaine and I continue to adapt at enjoying things closer to home, we went grocery shopping this afternoon. Without even having to drive extra blocks, we were able to check the progress of local construction. Shown here is an addition to the Bottle Rocket Brewery which has been in business for a year or so in the old Campbell Seed House. Jon and I got down there last summer to check on their in-house brew which was pretty good. Verlon will be here before long and we will have to go down and try it again..
We also went past the new Seward County Justice Center under construction. It has been under construction for more than a year.  There have been several contract modifications during construction. The current "Jail" is shown at the right edge of the picture. It is a relatively new facility but doesn't meet the current needs nor standards.  We bought flowers at Merle's
as we continued our drive down to "Pac n Sav".  It is in the process of adding an "ACE Hardware" component to the complex. In addition to a Grocery Store, it is also a Cafe, Deli, Bakery, Liquor Store, Pharmacy and the best Meat Market in town. They also have a Catering service which has provided some 60 meals/week for the Kiwanis Club meetings. It is a "Home Town" store with the owners having been raised in the community. Shopping there is a social event since we always see friends which whom to visit.

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