Friday, May 27, 2016

Tree and Shrub Trimming

This was a "tree trimming" day with Verlon working on the low hanging branches of the Linden and Maple trees in our front yard. The pole has a 7" saw on its upper end. The long pole is like the "saw handle" in cutting small limbs. It also has a "knife" inside a hook for cutting limbs up to about a half-inch lower branches opens up the yard to a lot more sunlight and air circulation. He also worked on the Red Oak tree in the back yard as well as trimming back the Japanese Yew at the front corner of the garage. It takes a bit of optimism to trim it back this severely. Yews are about the only shrub that will shoot new growth from old wood.  Had we done it earlier in the spring it might have had a better chance of success. We have had new growth on Yews next to our Deck that is encouraging.
The City "Burn Pile" is only open on Saturday mornings so we tried to get all of our major trimming done today. We have utility lines coming in from the alley so that dictated some of the trimming of the Red Oak. We had the City crew involved with their "bucket truck" a couple years ago in doing some pruning of the Oak and major trimming to the Concolor Fir in the yard that the wires ran through.

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