Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day at Hughes

Elaine had a great Mother's Day. We heard a good sermon on "Sacrifice" at Church this morning and enjoyed "Social Hour" with friends. We were up to Carolyn and Ben's this afternoon where Elaine received a potted plant and card in addition to the hanging basket and Bouquet she received earlier. All 3 boys called during the evening. Verlon & Jon's are planning to be out to visit during the next couple months. It was a beautiful day and the Blue Angles were able to do their show in Lincoln after being cancelled yesterday because of smoke from the fires in Canada and Minnesota reducing visibility.
Since Sadie come on the scene, we have made it a Mother's Day tradition to get a Four Generation picture. (Jack even got included this year). Carolyn and Ben have really "developed" their back yard into a garden, kids play area with sand box, fort, swing, slide; outdoor train, hammock, patio, etc. It's a good example of how much can be done on a relatively small area. Sadie and Jack are very much at home there which I'm sure contributes to their development. Even with all this entertainment, Jack still enjoyed sitting on my lap for a while

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