Sunday, May 22, 2016

"Buffalo Bill Cody" in Seward

The Seward County Historical Society sponsored a presentation by Jeff Barnes on "Buffalo Bill's Nebraska, The Land that Made the Legend" at the Civic Center this afternoon. Mr. Barnes was dressed in "period style" and traced Bill Cody's life from being born in Iowa, raised in Kansas died in Colorado but considered Nebraska home. He came to Nebraska as a young Indian Scout. As such he was involved in many of the Indian scrimmages during the years following the Civil War. In later years he described himself as two people; Mr. William Cody and Buffalo Bill. 
He was stationed at Ft. Robinson during the late 1870's and established his ranch and home in North Platte in 1882. He developed his Wild West show about this time and presented it throughout the United States and Europe. He was one of the best known people in the country because of using real Indians, live Buffalo, etc. in his shows. Annie Oakley was one of the attractions. On September 12, 1912, he brought his show to the Seward County Fair. Copies of the Seward newspaper coverage of the show was available during the refreshment period following the presentation, but we left early to congratulate friends celebrating a 50th Wedding Anniversay. 

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