Thursday, May 5, 2016

Presidential Election

While I have no predictions of the Presidential election outcome, I had an interesting phone call this afternoon from an old friend who is a couple years older than me. Norm drank coffee with us for a number of years ( he may have been the one to first invite me to his group some 36 years ago). When few of us had heard of Barrack Obama several years ago, Norm "predicted" that he would be our first Black President. So when he called this afternoon wanting to visit about the current "dilemma", I listened to his "scenario". It was his thoughts that Sanders might become an Independent candidate and select Senator Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. He recognized the technicalities involved in Sanders switching the support he has already mustered and other questions needing to be answered.
Norm has spoken favorably of Senator Warren since she first came on the national scene and she has had recent favorable press. This is just one of the many ideas that people are coming up with as alternatives to what appears may be inevitable. Early in the campaign, I felt that Gov. John Kasich would make Jeb Bush a good running mate and be able to carry Ohio and Florida. I still like Kasich  and hope he may still fit into the national picture somewhere. I also haven't given up on Speaker Paul Ryan as a candidate. There is a lot of time between now and the conventions and the general election in November. I haven't heard of LosVegas setting up the odds of predicting the final ballot choices and winner, but think it will be more complicated than Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

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