Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jack's Latest Visit

Jack sat on my lap at the kitchen table last evening when his Grandmother Carolyn brought him down to visit while she was taking care of him. She sat across the table from Jack and I and he threw the ball to her. As athletic as our son Tim was as a youngster, I don't remember of him ever throwing a ball overhand at this age as Jack does. These pictures were taken by Carolyn while "fielding" the ball. Jack is always so proud of himself after throwing.
While the concept of it "taking a village to raise a child"  is good, I believe that children with multigenerational family involved in their
development have an advantage. Not only do the children profit by "family" participation, but there is no measure of the satisfaction that this old Great Grandfather gets from having Jack express his desire to spend time with Elaine and I. He shows the same affection to Elaine who even shares her fragile "Music Box" with him.

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