Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday on the Home Front.

Ben came down with his truck early this morning. He and Verlon took two loads to the City Burn Pile. It is only open for a few hours each week so Verlon's tree trimming was done according to that schedule.  Elaine was out to see them off with their first load and to express her satisfaction that neither she nor I had to be involved in the process. We had another 1.35" of rain last night, and it was well that Ben's truck has 4-wheel drive to get through the mud down by the burnpile. Verlon and I went down to Harvest Hall for a Grubaugh Auction. It included an unusual collection of guns, western memorabilia, signs, toys, etc. Verlon even found a cowboy hat that was just his size.
We spent all afternoon out in the Garage getting ready for a Garage Sale we plan to have next Saturday. We still have a long way to go but got many things ready. We did a lot of shifting things around and even put many things in the garbage. My Golf Clubs and Equipment will be a part of the collection of things being put out for same next Saturday.

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