Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Beauty of Nature

We worked out in the yard this morning in 40 degree temperatures to plant the Dianthus, Tomato, and Impatience plants that we bought yesterday. What you see is the Dianthus that have been in this flower bed for the past couple years. The new ones hardly show. Our Blue Spruce is at its height of beauty with the new growth having come out within the past few days. The contrast between the Blue Spruce and the Japanese  Maple is outstanding this time of year.  The Japanese Maple leaves are vibrant now and will be very colorful again this fall. We took the afternoon off after all our work this morning.
We planted one of the Tomato plants in a large pot that can be moved as necessary to get the proper amount of sunshine. We planted the other one in a sunny spot in from of a trellis where we have had a climbing Black Eyed Susan in past years. The Red Oak in the back yard has grown to where it shades the Deck where we had excellent luck with Tomatoes earlier. It is a trade-off since we certainly enjoy the shade on the deck during hot summer days. While I have wished our backyard was larger, after working out as we did this morning, decided it was big enough for "old folks."

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