Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sadie & Garage Sales

Sadie was in the "sandbox-kitchen" area of Grandma & Grandpa Hughes' backyard when we stopped by this afternoon. She is very much at home there and served "apple peel" to each of us along with a salad she was able to collect in the area. This was her last day of pre-school for the spring but she looks forward to a summer session and some swimming lessons. She will have her 4th birthday before the fall term begins. After fixing our "apple peel", she was the Waitress serving it to us. It took some instruction for Elaine and I to respond correctly when the waitress called our number. She is more accustomed to eating in places that serve that way than we are.
 Some 50 city wide Garage Sales opened today and will run for the next 2 days. We have one on our street where we took Jack over to buy a Garbage truck this morning. There were 2 bags of golf clubs at a very low price; much below what I am hoping for on mine. On our way home from Hughes, we stopped at Hobbin's sale just up the street from our house. Many interesting things. I've got one "checked" that will open tomorrow morning that has an accordion. I hope to check it out and who knows what might happen. 

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