Thursday, May 12, 2016

Family History

Going back in family history yesterday prompted me to look at a CD cousin Phil put together  back in 2004 and distributed to several of us. This is of Grandfather Joseph J. Vrana and Antonia Milacek on their wedding day in 1888. They had each come over as youngsters with their parents from what became Czechoslovakia and settled in Saunders County Nebraska. They were married in Wahoo, NE and began their family on a farm in the SW corner of the County. They bought a farm in NE Seward County and moved to it in 1903 when my Dad was 6 years old. Uncle John was 5 years older and the rest of the family was born in Seward County. The farm was in the family for some 60 years and is where I was raised and became committed to the Stewardship of the Land utilizing soil and water conservation practices. We built terraces, water diversion ridges, a dam, etc.
By the time of this family reunion and picture in 1992, Uncle Joe was the only one left of the original J. J. Vrana family. He is shown at the top, right corner of the picture. He went on to attain the age of 99. Now that  many of my generation have Great Grandchildren, the number of descendents from that 1888 marriage has increased to a very significant number.

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