Monday, May 2, 2016

Time Marches On

Time Marches On. This picture was taken in the early '80's out at our farm east of Seward. Elaine is watering a Cotoneaster hedge that we had planted  close to the graveled road that went past the place. Our dog," Bo" was a good dog and the only one Elaine and I ever had.  The hedge did well and is still in good condition. Each fall on Elaine's September 3rd birthday we go for a car ride out past the farms where we each "grew up" as well as this place which we had from 1980-1989. The place has had some 4 different owners since we sold it. Last fall as we drove by, the current owner was raking leaves out of this hedge. We stopped to visit and she invited us in to see the changes made to the house. While the house has been changed and improved considerably, it didn't change as much as most of what is shown in this picture. The barn, corn crib and tractor shed were all destroyed by a tornado , the pine trees have been removed, the dog is gone so Elaine and the Cotoneaster hedge are all that remain and they are both in good condition.

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