Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Vrana Cousins

This picture of my Vrana cousins was taken during the summer of 1930  or '31 at our Grandparents place in Bee, Nebraska. They are: (L>R) Richard, Robert, Ted, Lindsford, George, Verlon (me) and Vivian. Richard and Robert were twins and looked very much alike. I hope I made the right choice of names. We received a message from Richard's wife in Colorado today and will send them a copy of this blog page. Richard, Ted and I are the only ones of this group still alive. This group was the older of the cousins which eventually numbered 27.  We were a pretty close-knit group and enjoyed  cousins reunions after our parents were gone. However, we find that our numbers continue to decline. Our youngest cousin, Pat coordinates a quarterly Vrana  Cousins Newsletter which helps us keep in touch since few of us still live in the old area.
This cousins picture was taken in 1986 following Richard and Robert's Mother's funeral here in Seward. The picture was taken at the home of my sister Vivian. The picture includes, back row (L>R) Dale, Vivian, Verlon, Richard, Robert, Pat, and seated: Phil and George. We have lost Vivian, Robert, Phil and George from the time this picture was taken. Our Vrana Grandparents had migrated to this country as children  and married after becoming citizens. We are all proud of those Czech genes which have served us well.

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