Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jack's Selfies and Carolyn's Help

Jack came to visit this morning while I was at coffee. He rode his horse and enjoyed the birds in the backyard with Elaine till I got home. Among other things, we took some selfies with the laptop, he put coins in the piggy bank, played "catch",  got down to the lower level to "dance" to polka music while playing with a JD tractor. We even worked on an old Desk Chair that I bought at an auction years ago for $1.00. The tool of choice was a hammer and it worked to strengthen the back rest of the chair. He was happy to see Julie; he always has a great time at our house,  told us "bye" and waved.
Jack continues to have more teeth appear and enjoys sucking on his thumb to feel them. While he and Elaine were watching birds, he took her hand and put a finger in his mouth and bit down on it to where she said it hurt. While his visit is always the highlight of our day, Carolyn came down and helped me through a computer problem that had me frustrated. It involved one of those things that I do very infrequently and some fine print where I just missed seeing the need to check a little block, to let me move on.  We are both looking forward to picking up new glasses in Lincoln later this week and seeing better. Carolyn's help was most appreciated.

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