Friday, May 20, 2016

Hohner Button Accordion

Elaine went through the listing of the Seward garage sales last night and found one that listed an accordion. While many of the sales opened yesterday, this one didn't open until today. We got up to it early and found that it was the Franklin Hronik residence. We have known Frank and Phyllis for a number of years through the Church as well as his leading the Polka Jamboree at the County Fair. He not only had this Hohner for sale but also another more elaborate one. We brought this one along home in a case made for it, and I even attempted to play it a bit. I sent pictures to Jon and look forward to their being out in a few weeks and hearing him play it. Frank did play it for us as a demonstration of how well it worked and sounded before we made the purchase. What he didn't do was volunteer to give me some instruction on how to play it.
I also continue to work on getting pictures of birds at our feeder. This male House Finch was just one of the many that crowded around the feeder this afternoon. I also have a picture of a pair of House Finches and like most birds and wild animals, the male is the most colorful. I remember of my Dad explaining that to me and his saying that in humans, the females are most attractive and colorful.  (Some of the color may be applied.) With some of the fancy beards that some males cultivate, I wonder if it is an attempt to compete.  

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