Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Busy Spring Day

Brian Schweitzer looks like he's about ready to "knock off" something to the highest bidder at the Nancy Schmutte auction today in Seward. It was a most interesting collection of items with nearly 100 pinball machines. There were many John Wayne items including the "life size" likeness of him as a stand alone image next to Brian. I don't know where the stuff came from but Seward is beginning to be a popular place for antique, toy, and gun auctions in particular but auctions in general. We have the facilities and location which makes the location attractive. 
We went to Lincoln for the Cornhusker Kiwanis Club Pancake/French Toast brunch after leaving the auction early. The Blue Angles have been here all week practicing for Air Shows today and tomorrow. A lot of traffic was backed up coming out to the show so we took an alternate route home.  We always see several old SCS/NRCS friends at the Antelope Park Pavilion where the Kiwanis event was held. Elaine commented that some of the people that we see there every year were getting so old that they didn't recognize us. We decided on the "new" route home that  old people don't have to drive great distances to see new things but get much of the same satisfaction from taking a different route and seeing all the changes since having traveled that route.

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